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Generating business through high quality content


Supplying useful information is something every company should be doing, no matter the size. Creating the right content, which represents your brand correctly and reaches the right audience, isn’t always as easy as it should be. From customer persona creation and copywriting to distribution and reporting, Mainsail will be your complete inbound solution.


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Inbound is marketing for the modern age of business. Stepping away from the interruptive approach of traditional marketing methods, inbound doesn’t rely on presenting your audience with information when they may not want or be receptive to it.

Instead, inbound marketing leverages content to present valuable information to your audience when they are looking for it. You become the go-to expert. Your visitors become customers.
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It isn’t just the quality of your content that can have a huge impact on the success of your inbound marketing: who it is aimed at, when it is distributed, how it is optimised...the list of factors is lengthy. 

Having a dependable partner to manage the process and ensure it’s effectiveness is the best way to make the most of inbound, especially if you have little or no marketing resource.


The true goal of inbound marketing isn’t to just win business but to turn your customers into life-long advocates. Organically building a team of supporters who sell your company for you is the epitome of word of mouth.

Mainsail will guide you on how to delight customers at every stage of their journey with you. 
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